Cours Word 2007 Fundamentals English

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This training is designed for users who want to use basic features of this software.

At the end of this training, the participant will be able to :

  • Use the graphic interface (ribbon) use the File menu
  • Move in the document and quickly select text
  • Format text
  • Copy, cut and paste text in a document use the format painter tool
  • Use tab stops
  • Create simple tables
  • Modify the page setup
  • Use printing tools
  • Create and modify building blocks
  • Insert and modify SmartArt


  • Knowledge of the Windows environment.


1st day Content

  • Introduction
  • Word interface: the ribbon, the tabs, the groups, the quick access toolbar, the mini toolbar
  • The File menu (backstage)
  • Moves and selections
  • Font formatting
  • Paragraph formatting
  • Line and Page break, spacing before and after
  • Using tab stop
  • Page setup
  • Creating headers and footers
  • Print preview and print

2nd day Content

  • Introduction to tables
  • Creating, modifying and deleting building blocks
  • Using Auto text entries
  • Inserting and modifying SmartArt
  • Inserting charts



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Support de cours

  • Training material in supplement


2 jour(s)

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