Cours VBA 2003, 2007 and 2010 Advanced (Level 2) English

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VBA 2010, 2007 and 2003 Advanced (Level 2) gives you a global view of the language to allow you to work with the following objects: tables, pivot tables, files and external objects (for MS Outlook or MS Word).


  • This course has been conceived for advanced Excel users, who have already created macros and know how to use the Visual Basic editor for Excel.


  • Reminders on the topics of the course Fundamentals of VBA – Level1
  • Access to external applications and addition of library references (Excel, Word, Outlook, etc.).
  • Connection to external databases
  • Use of Windows APIs
  • Manipulation of charts using VBA (Control, Range, Position, data series, etc..)
  • Manipulation of pivot tables using VBA (PivotField objet and PivotItems collection)
  • Manipulation of files (open, write, import, search and control)
  • Creation of Class modules (properties and methods)
  • Advanced creation of forms

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2 jour(s)

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