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Many organizations and companies have or used to have one or more Project Management Offices. These PMOs can assume different shapes and structures, different roles and rules and take different positions in the organizational chart, by being a function by their own or being attached to another department, usually the IT, Finance or Global Operations department. If a company does not already have one, it has the project to implement one. However, studies that show PMO as delivering Value to the organization and being a key function show that the life expectancy of a PMO is less than 3 years. To ensure its “Sustainability” the PMO has to find a new model, both structural and operational.

This model is called the Project Management Office Life Cycle©. It defines 4 phases in the life cycle of a PMO, corresponding to different stages in the increase of maturity of the organization and then to different related needs and expectations.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of a PMO
  • Embrace Organizational and Strategic issues
  • Define the targeted Benefits of a PMO
  • Get an awareness of the required skills and competences for the different roles of the PMO
  • Understand the Project Management Office Life Cycle© and select the appropriate stage
  • Define an Implementation and Deployment Strategy
  • Set-up the appropriate Balanced ScoreCard and monitor achievements and performance
  • Understand and manage the transition path between the different stages of Project Management Office Life Cycle©

Target group

The seminar is aimed at:

  • Executives willing to understand and implement a PMO in their organization
  • PMO Executives who need to find new efficiency models for their PMO
  • PMO Officers willing to find opportunities to create additional Value for their organization


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2 jour(s)

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