Cours QlikView - Developer I

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QlikView - Developer I course gives students a good start in how to develop QlikView documents, beginning with the source data. The QlikView - Developer I course is a mixture of demonstrations and hands-on exercises, with focus on development: learning about the (data) load script, best practices, data modeling and database connectivity.


  • The QlikView environment, deployment options and methods.
  • Introduction to data and scripting, relational databases and other data structures.
  • Connecting to ODBC and also OLEDB data sources.
  • Introduction to the underlying scripting language and best practices in how to use this, including the use of time functions and creating variables.
  • Overview of data preparation required before starting to develop a QlikView document.
  • Basic data model overview and understanding of QlikView table viewer.
  • How to resolve abnormalities in the data structure, such as synthetic keys.
  • QlikView QVD files: purpose, creation and use.

Learning Objectives:

  • Basic scripting and best practices to structure data load scripts in QlikView.
  • The importance of time functions and variables.
  • Understand basic data modeling issues, loading data into QlikView and resolving data structure anomalies with QlikView tools such as the table viewer.
  • Methods for connecting to data sources: ODBC, OLEDB, others.
  • QVD files: What is a QVD file? Why is it important? Creation, uses, maintenance.

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