Cours QlikView - Designer II

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QlikView - Designer II course complements QlikView - Designer I. The course is a mixture of demonstrations and hands-on exercises. Designer II takes students to the next level, focusing on user interface layout and design, best practices and reporting. Many more QlikView objects are used, such as gauges, multi-dimensional charts, tables and others. Students build their own QlikView document in a case study exercise at the end of the class.


  • QlikView Designer I


  • Introduction to multi-dimensional objects: pivot and straight tables with multiple expressions.
  • Advanced charts and objects: tree views in list boxes and mini charts.
  • Advanced calculations: introduction to Set Analysis and AGGR functions.
  • Other useful objects.
  • Reports: creating and managing information.
  • Business case workshop.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand and implement document design and layout best practices in creating the user interface of a QlikView document.
  • Develop complex reports and use multiple and more advanced objects in QlikView documents.
  • Understand and use time-based analysis.
  • Hands-on business case with real-world examples summarizing both Designer I and Designer II course content. .
  • Student builds a working QlikView document on their own.

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