Cours MS E5927 Microsoft Office Project, Managing Projects

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MS E5927 Microsoft Office Project, Managing Projects three-day instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills to build, maintain, and control well-formed project plans.


  • Experience using Microsoft Office Project to create project schedules.
  • Fundamental knowledge of project management.
  • Experience with the Microsoft Windows XP or Windows Vista? operating system.
  • Experience with Microsoft Office Excel 2003.


  • Getting Started with Microsoft Office Project 2007.
  • Creating and Defining Projects.
  • Working with Estimates and Dependencies.
  • Working with Deadlines, Constraints, and Task Calendars.
  • Working with Resources.
  • Predicting Behaviour by Using Task Types and the Scheduling Formula.
  • Customizing and Formatting.
  • Analyzing Resource Utilization.
  • Tracking Progress.
  • Creating Reports.
  • Managing Multiple Projects.

Examen(s) préparé(s)

  • Attestation de formation continue
  • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist: Managing Projects with Microsoft Office Project 2007

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  • MOC 5927


3 jour(s)

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