Cours MS E4358 Deploying and managing directory federation services

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This two-day instructor-led course provides the students with theknowledge and skills that they need to effectively deploy and manageActive Directory Federation Services using Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2.


Experience managing users, roles, computers, and groups e.g. identify and modify a group and manage group membership.
Experience using the Windows interface to locate, create and
manipulate folders and files.
The ability to identify the tools used to perform common administrative
Must have experience managing and maintaining an Active
Directory infrastructure ? e.g. create a forest root domain.
Must have some experience in planning and implementing an
Active Directory infrastructure.


- Understand the business need for Active Directory Federation Services.
- Implement and manage the ADFS server components.
- Plan and implement an authentication and authorization strategy using ADFS.
- Implement ADFS in a B2B scenario using Active Directory and claims-aware applications.
- Implement ADFS in an extranet scenario using multiple directory stores, and Windows NT token-based applications.

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