Cours MS 20488 - Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Core Solutions

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An ideal candidate will have at least one year of experience with deploying and administering multiple SharePoint 2010 farms across a large enterprise. Because many customers skipped upgrading from SharePoint 2007, a candidate can also have at least 2 years of experience with SharePoint 2007 and knowledge of the differences between 2007 and 2010, particularly the Service Application model. A candidate can demonstrate the following skills:
  • Software management in a Windows 2008 R2 enterprise server or Windows Server 2012 environment.
  • Deploying and managing applications natively, virtually and in the cloud.
  • Administering Internet Information Services (IIS).
  • Configuring Active Directory for use in authentication, authorization and as a user store.
  • Managing an application remotely using Windows PowerShell 2.0.
  • Connecting applications to Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Implementing Claims-based Security.


  • Module 1: SharePoint as a Developer Platform
  • Module 2: Working with SharePoint Objects
  • Module 3: Working with Lists and Libraries
  • Module 4: Designing and Managing Features and Solutions
  • Module 5: Working with Server-Side Code
  • Module 6: Managing Identity and Permissions
  • Module 7: Managing Custom Components and Site Lifecycles
  • Module 8: Introducing Apps for SharePoint
  • Module 9: Client-Side SharePoint Development
  • Module 10: Developing Remote Hosted SharePoint Apps
  • Module 11: Publishing an App to a Corporate Catalog
  • Module 12: Automating Business Processes
  • Module 13: Managing Taxonomy
  • Module 14: Customizing User Interface Elements
  • Module 15: Working with Branding and Navigation

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