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Migration to Microsoft Office 2010 is a training that starts from your knowledge in Microsoft Office 2003 and/or 2007 and helps you discover the new functionalities of Microsoft Office 2010. This Migration course to Microsoft Office 2010 lasts one day and allows you to perfectly master the new features of the Microsoft Office 2010 suite.


  • This course is tailored to  users that already master the functionalities of MS Office Standard 2003 or 2007 (Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint).


  • MS Office 2010, new general features: ribbon, tabs, contextual tabs, galleries; the File tab – Backstage.
  • Quick Access Toolbar, Quick Formatting Toolbar, new file format (extensions .docx, .xlsx, .pptx, etc.), choice of the default file format, new graphical effects (image editing, Word Arts, charts), Smart Arts, …
  • MS Word 2010, new features and changes (compared to MS Word 2003): graphical interface, global view, new Normal style, formatting options for images and shapes (shadow effects, colors, etc.), …
  • MS Excel 2010 new features and changes (compared to MS Excel 2003): graphical interface, global view, new size of the worksheets, new functions (SUMIFS(), AVERAGEIFS(), COUNTIFS()), customization of the state bar, conditional formatting, sorting, filtering, …
  • MS Outlook 2010 new features and changes (compared to MS Outlook 2003): new taskbar and customization, follow up of conversations, clean and ignore messages, quick steps, …
  • MS PowerPoint 2010 new features and changes (compared to MS PowerPoint 2003): new design themes, text and shapes effects, video editing, sections, …

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