Cours Citrix CMB-200-2I Implementing the Citrix Desktop Delivery Infrastructure (eng course)

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Citrix CMB-200-2I Implementing the Citrix Desktop Delivery Infrastructure course provides learners with the skills necessary to install, configure, manage and administer Citrix XenServer 5, Citrix Provisioning Server 5 and Citrix XenDesktop 3 and 4 Enterprise Edition. By completing the exercises in this Implementing the Citrix Desktop Delivery Infrastructure course, students will obtain hands-on experience working with these Citrix products. Upon completion of this course, learners will be able to complete the following objectives for Citrix XenServer, Citrix Provisioning Server and Citrix XenDesktop.


  • It is recommended that students have the following knowledge/experience prior to taking this course :
    • A basic knowledge of the purpose and goals of virtualization technology
    • An understanding of computing architecture, including network and storage devices, device drivers and operating systems
    • Basic experience installing and administering Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008
    • Basic experience installing and administering Linux variants
    • Intermediate knowledge of network devices and site architecture, including configuring vLANs
    • Basic knowledge of storage terminology and technologies, including partitions, SANs, LUNs, iSCSI, and NFS and CIFS file shares.
  • This course is designed for Citrix Partner Network members, IT professionals, such as server, network and system administrators. System engineers, analysts, consultants, and architects.


  • Understand how the Xen hypervisor differs from other virtualization methods
  • Install XenServer Enterprise Edition 5.0 and configure CPU
  • Identify the architectural differences between Linux and Windows VMs
  • Use XenSearch to sort searching and grouping in XenCenter and view VM performance statistics.
  • Configure local and remote storage, resource pools and move virtual machines from one server to another.
  • Identify the components, infrastructure, services and communications of Citrix Provisioning Server 5.0
  • Identify system requirements and install Citrix Provisioning Server 5.0
  • Create a vDisk store and identify vDisk image modes and write cache types
  • Assign vDisks to target devices and enable Active Directory machine account password management
  • Block ports for a target device, organize target devices into views and change the properties of target devices
  • Administer vDisk connections; unassign, delete and backup vDisks; release vDisk locks; change vDisk properties and update a vDisk, server connections
  • Configure two methods of high availability and install and enable printers on a vDisk
  • Explain the features, benefits and components of Citrix XenDesktop 3 and 4.
  • Install the Desktop Delivery Controller, prepare a virtual desktop for delivery to an endpoint device
  • Create and manage desktop groups using the Access Management Console
  • Configure XenDesktop policy management settings and install and configure Desktop Receiver software
  • Upgrade a XenDesktop 3 environment to a XenDesktop 4.

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Attention, ce cours a été remplacé par le CXD-202-1WJ Citrix XenDesktop 5 Administration


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