Cours 10961B - Administering Administration with Windows PowerShell

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The objectives at the end of this course is:

  • Understand the basic concepts behind Windows PowerShell
  • Work with the Pipeline
  • Understand How the Pipeline Works
  • Use PSPprivders and PSdrivers
  • Format Output
  • Use WMI and CIM
  • Prepare for Scripting
  • Moving From a Command to a Script to a Module
  • Administer Remote Computers
  • Put the various Windows PowerShell components together
  • Use Background Jobs and Scheduled Jobs
  • Use Advanced PowerShell Techniques and Profiles


Before attending this course, students must have:

  • Previous Windows Server and Windows Client management knowledge and hands on experience
  • Experience installing and configuring Windows Server into existing enterprise environments, or as standalone installations
  • Knowledge and experience of network adapter configuration, basic Active Directory use administration, and basic disk configuration
  • Knowledge and hands on experience specifically with Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 would be of benefit but is not essential


  • Module 1: Getting Started with Windows PowerShell
  • Module 2: Working with the Pipeline
  • Module 3: Understanding How the Pipeline Works
  • Module 4: Using PSProviders and PSDrivers
  • Module 5: Formatting Output
  • Module 6: Querying Management Information by Using WMI and CIM
  • Module 7: Preparing for Scripting
  • Module 8: Moving From a Command to Script to Module
  • Module 9: Administering Remote Computers
  • Module 10: Putting it All Together
  • Module 11: Using Background Jobs and Scheduled Jobs
  • Module 12: Using Profiles and Advanced PowerShell Techniques

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5 jour(s)

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