Altran- your trusted partner for training outsourcing.

With Altran as your global partner, you can ensure a total service management package for all of your training needs.

From the shaping of a training strategy to the development of course program while taking into account the management and the administration of all the processes, Altran will take care of all of your training to allow you to concentrate on your core business.

By entrusting your training needs to Altran, you get :

  • a global training strategy that covers all your needs
  • a total training program management that covers all of the administrative and infrastructural aspects
  • comprehensive dashboards and periodic reporting that allow you to follow the progress of your teams' skill acquisition
  • clear budget overview and control
  • a market leading training course portfolio (classroom, e-learning, blended learning) that evolves with your needs and follows the latest educational trends

Testimonial: Nicolas Mayer Altran Switzerland CEO on the LBPO vision

Through our consulting activity, we observe the increasing complexity that our clients face in managing their overall training needs. The diversity of projects, the need for cohesive teamwork and the use of specialized software tools can overload the traditional structures and competencies of HR and internal training managers.

By using LPBO (Learning Business Process Outsourcing), this training management burden can be transferred to a partner, partially or completely as one-stop shop.

Altran Education Services, as your partner, can audit your training needs, provide you with a direct access to a full range of technical and behavioral training courses and allow you to monitor the progress and costs engaged. We have the capacity to conceive, manage and to make your training program evolve based on your company needs.

Total turnkey solution are also available for a total outsourcing of all the training processes of a department - even for the whole firm - with the advantage of transferring the best practices from one department to another, from one country to another with all the related cost savings this approach implies.