Maximise Change

We pursue together with our clients the conception, development and implementation phases of the training using our educational engineering know how, providing your enterprise with all the necessary competencies to take the right decisions, to develop its organizational agility and accompany your internal transformation.

Our Altran experts have developed a unique approach to help you with the definition and management of change in your projects:

  • Define and establish the global training framework: needs identification, implementation procedures, stakeholder and role definition, identification of means, evaluation criteria and KPI definition.
  • Build the training platform based on a range of methodologies that guarantees the efficient acquisition of skills and know-how necessary for the business success
  • Measure the impacts of change and the related internal resistances
  • Implement the training- including communication plans, deployment of educational resources (documentation, e-learning modules, training courses and logistics)
  • Evaluate the training deployment- our approach is designed to be transparent (regular reporting) and relies on constant communication with the IT, HR, Training managers and project managers involved to ensure a rigorous project follow-up process.