Re-entering the job market

The purpose of this area is to offer you greater visibility with regard to the training that we give relating to re-entering the job market.

This training is divided into six categories:

  1. CAD
  2. IT Service Management
  3. Project Management
  4. DTP / Multimedia / Internet
  5. Stock Management

You will find there our sessions, together with their content, as validated by the Employment Office of the canton of Vaud. Unless otherwise mentioned, our training is given on Microsoft Windows 7 and Office 2010/2013, based on a virtual/vmware infrastructure.

Although you are obviously free to consult this area, any registration is subject to the approval of your HR adviser.

Altran Education Services's trainers will give you the best of their knowledge and can guide you to success, regardless of the training that you take.

We thank you for the interest that you have shown in our training and our company.

The Management and Team Employment Department.