Course STS-276 Solaris Operating Sys Admin for Experienced Unix Administrators

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Use the basic UNIX command set
Manage files and directories
Use the vi editor
Control the user work environment
Archive files
Use remote commands
Manage file systems
Install operating system software
Perform system boot procedures
Perform user and security administration
Perform system backups and restores
Describe basic RAID concepts


Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:
Install the Solaris operating system and administer software packages and patches
Demonstrate familiarity with Boot PROM commands
Perform boot and shutdown procedures on a Solaris system
Reconfigure devices on a Solaris system
Administer user accounts, including configuration of Role-Based Access Control using the command line and the Solaris Management Console (SMC)
Demonstrate proficiency using the Solaris Volume Manager
Describe special file systems available in Solaris, and configure NFS and Autofs
Understand basic concepts related to Solaris Zones
Configure DNS and LDAP clients on Solaris systems
Implement NIS on Solaris systems

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5 day(s)

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