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QlikView Designer I is an introductory course covering all the basic knowledge required to get started building documents with QlikView. QlikView Designer I course is a mixture of demonstrations and hands-on exercises. Topics include user
interface layout and design fundamentals, best practices and how to create a QlikView document with sheets, list boxes and charts.


Course Outline
Short introduction to QlikView:

  • Layout and design fundamentals and best practices.
  • What to consider when designing a QlikView document.
  • Definitions and uses of: sheets, sheet objects, list boxes and table boxes.
  • How to create the QlikView objects mentioned above.
  • How to use them to solve business problems such as sorting data, entering data, exporting data.
  • How to create charts in QlikView.
  • Chart properties, how to edit the format and layout of charts.
  • How to load a simple list of data into QlikView.

Learning Objectives:

  • Basic understanding of the QlikView product suite.
  • Introduction to layout and design fundamentals and best practices.
  • How to build a QlikView document using sheets and some of the common QlikView objects such as list boxes and table boxes.
  • How to search and analyze data in existing QlikView documents.

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