Course Excel 2010 Fundamentals English

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This basic course is intended for users with little or no knowledge.It will show you the features you need to know to start properly in using Excel.

At the end of this training, the participant will be able to:

  • Create a worksheet with simple calculation
  • Format a worksheet
  • Use simple statistical functions
  • Print an Excel worksheet with header and footer
  • Create a chart using the wizard
  • Gérer les feuilles et les classeurs de manière efficace
  • Use fill in tool to quickly insert data



  • Knowledge of the Windows environment


1st day Content

  • Introduction – how to work with Excel
  • The Excel interface: the ribbon, the tabs, the groups, the quick access toolbar
  • The File menu
  • Starting in Excel (file structure, moving in the worksheet, selecting data with the mouse – the keyboard)
  • Worksheet creation : typing text and values
  • Creating formulas
  • Using some predefined functions
  • Modifying columns, rows, cells
  • Formatting cells: number, font, alignment, border, shading

2nd day Content

  • Printing data: page setup
  • Defining headers and footers
  • The print preview
  • Managing worksheets: inserting, deleting, renaming
  • Incrementing data
  • Using relative and absolute references
  • Inserting and modifying simple charts

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Course material

  • Traning support in supplement


2 day(s)

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